5 Must-Know Signs of Recurring Strep Throat and How to Treat It

Every year, between 11,000 and 13,000 cases of strep throat are reported in the United States. Many people who contract strep throat get sick once and then feel better within a few days of starting antibiotics. For some people, though, the sickness comes back again and again. Could this be happening to you? In order … Continued

5 of the Biggest Reasons Parents Take Their Children to Urgent Care

When you get sick, it’s normal to wait as long as possible before going to urgent care. But, when your kids are sick, that’s a different story. Children’s immune systems aren’t as strong as adults’, so it’s important to get them help before their sickness gets worse. That’s where Oxford Urgent Care comes in. We help children that … Continued

What Is the Most Common Urgent Care Treatment?

Urgent care – it’s a place none of us want to end up, yet many of us do and for a whole host of reasons. With all the reasons people go to urgent care, it makes you wonder what the most common one is. Also, how is it treated? What is the most common urgent … Continued

Top 4 Tips to Prevent Boating Accidents While Fishing in Oxford

There’s truly nothing better than a day on Sardis Lake. However, a seemingly harmless activity can turn sour a lot quicker than many realize. In 2017 alone, 4291 boating accidents occurred with spikes in the months of May and July. Now, you shouldn’t let that figure deter you too much, given the number of boat … Continued

What to Do If You Suspect You Have Food Poisoning

All it takes it one instance of food poisoning, and you practically become an expert in spotting it. You know the telltale signs: vomiting, diarrhea, and extreme stomach cramps. While these are only a few of the symptoms you may encounter, they’re some of the most common signs of a classic case of food poisoning. … Continued

4 Amazing Benefits Of IV Fluid Hydration

Do you feel like you don’t drink enough water? It can be hard to get the recommended amount of water each day, and not being hydrated can have consequences. Dehydration can cause a variety of health problems when it’s left untreated. But luckily, there’s a lot you can do to help ensure that you’re getting … Continued

Urgent Care for Kids: 4 Services That Can Help You Kid

There is no greater pain than watching one’s child suffer. You must take every precaution when it comes to the health of your child. But when the time comes, do you know where to find urgent care for kids? Even common injuries can affect the long-term health of your child. Your child needs to know … Continued

5 Urgent Care Services in Mississippi You Need To Know About

If you’re injured or sick and in need of medical attention, you don’t have to wait for hours in the ER. There are other options for urgent care services in Mississippi. Not all urgent healthcare needs require a trip to the emergency room. The emergency room should be reserved for life-threatening injuries and illnesses. If … Continued

7 Injuries that You Can Seek Treatment for at an Urgent Care Location

In the panic you might feel when you or a loved one has a painful injury, the next steps can be a mystery. How do you know whether it’s serious enough for an emergency room? Or mild enough to wait until you can schedule a doctor’s appointment? Fortunately, there’s a middle ground. Urgent care clinics … Continued