What Is the Most Common Urgent Care Treatment?

doctors checking patient's vitals in urgent care room

Urgent care – it’s a place none of us want to end up, yet many of us do and for a whole host of reasons.

With all the reasons people go to urgent care, it makes you wonder what the most common one is. Also, how is it treated? What is the most common urgent care treatment?

We’ll go into more detail about all of this in the article below.

Cold and Flu

The most common illness people visit an urgent care unit for is upper respiratory conditions.

In most cases, this isn’t as serious as it sounds. The description includes things like cold, flu, sinus infection, nasal allergy symptoms, and tonsilitis. Most of these cases are sent home without having to be admitted to the emergency room for further treatment.

Of course, many of these conditions aren’t treated so much as they are waited out. Add to that the fact that any flu medicine the doctors can give can usually be bought over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. Because of this, the most common treatment of urgent care is actually not related to upper respiratory conditions.

Minor Injuries

Another of the most common conditions that visit urgent care are minor injuries. These can include anything from first-degree burns to broken bones. The major difference between injuries and illnesses when it comes to care is that doctors can almost always put their professional expertise to work.

Usually, this just means that they apply a cast, a bandage, a brace, or some other material to immobilize the area until the damaged bone or tissue regrows.


Urinary Tract Infections also deserve mention, because they are also one of the most common conditions treated in urgent care. Due to the structure of their renal system, namely the shorter length of their urethra, women are at a far greater risk of developing a UTI than men. It also doesn’t help that menopause or certain types of birth control, and even sex itself, can put you at a greater risk.

The good news is that the treatment is usually treated with antibiotics and prevention of infections, later on, is pretty simple. Even simple things can help, like drinking more water and cranberry juice, switching birth control, and urinating after sex.

Urgent Care Treatment

There are a lot of benefits to urgent care. For instance, they were not created to treat emergencies, and usually, don’t encounter them. Plus, Oxford Urgent Care is open every day, from 8am – 7pm.

The most common reasons people visit Oxford Urgent Care is for conditions like colds, flu, broken bones, sprains, and UTIs, which are all fairly minor, and most of the time easily treated.

If you want to know more about Oxford Urgent Care, please visit our site. We can tell you all about some of the conditions we treat, so you know what to expect. We can also give you some tips to help you get ready before your visit so you can get in and out more quickly and easily.