Internal Bleeding Symptoms

Direct trauma to any part of the body can be extremely harmful, especially when it leads to internal bleeding. Understanding the signs and symptoms of internal bleeding is critical in helping you or a loved one get the treatment you need sooner. If you’ve recently experienced trauma due to an accident, it is crucial to … Continued

How Do I Know if I Need an X-Ray? Here’s How to Tell

If you are sick, experiencing pain or have had a recent injury, there are various ways that medical professionals can check on your health, rule out possible causes, and provide a more comprehensive and precise diagnosis. One way to do all these things is through x-ray imaging. At some point in your life, you’ll probably … Continued

The Basics of Treating a Bruise

Everyone bruises at some point. Most often, bruises are nothing to worry about outside of the minor pain or marking they may cause. For most, bruises have no underlying conditions or serious concerns and often last only a couple of weeks. In rare instances, bruising could indicate something more serious. Whether you’re living with an … Continued

Body Mass Index: Understand What It Is and How It’s Used

When you visit the doctor for your annual physical exam or visit the gym to begin a training regimen, you may have encountered the physical measurement of BMI. Along with your weight, this specific numbered percentage helps doctors, trainers and even yourself determine where your current weight and height align on the meter for ideal … Continued

Do Bruises Swell? When to Visit Urgent Care

Anyone can bruise at any point in their lifetime. In fact, most everyone does. Nearly 55% of those who bruise easily are considered healthy otherwise, with no underlying health conditions. Although bruises are generally not something to worry about or seek urgent care for, bruises may require medical attention if they cause swelling, even if … Continued

Can I Go to Urgent Care for a Yeast Infection?

Vaginal yeast infections are a common health condition that affects nearly 1 million women each year in the United States. Yeast naturally occurs in the body, but when it overgrows too rapidly, it can cause an infection. Yeast infection in women is the second most common cause of vaginitis, an inflammation of the vagina. At … Continued