Can Urgent Care Prescribe Antibiotics?

Urgent care can prescribe a variety of medications, including antibiotics. Often, antibiotics are prescribed by in-office providers and available for pickup at your local pharmacy. In some instances, antibiotics are administered before discharge from urgent care.  Antibiotics are an excellent option for those experiencing bacterial infections and illnesses. They help your body heal while helping … Continued

Can Constipation Cause a Fever? When to Go to Urgent Care

Constipation is when a person passes less than three bowel movements a week or has difficult or hard bowel movements. Dehydration is a typical culprit of constipation, but it can also result from insufficient fiber, physical inactivity, a side effect of certain medications, or something a little more problematic, especially when accompanied by a fever. … Continued

Can an Ear Infection Cause a Fever?

Acute otitis media, or ear infection, is a sudden infection in the middle ear (the space located just behind the eardrum). While anyone can get an ear infection, they’re extremely common in babies and young children because their eustachian tubes (small passageways that connect the throat to the middle ear) are smaller and more horizontal … Continued

Can You Get a Physical at Urgent Care?

Whether you need a physical exam to meet a pre-employment, return-to-work requirement, or ensure it’s safe for you to participate in a certain sport, the skilled medical professionals at Oxford Urgent Care can offer peace of mind that you’re healthy and able to perform your best. Work-related physical exam We’re dedicated to providing you with … Continued

Key Differences Between COVID and Allergies

Does every cough, sneeze or tickle in the throat make you wonder if you’ve contracted COVID-19 or perhaps a cold or the flu? You’re not alone. Each year, millions of people suffer from allergies, many of whom second guess or overanalyze every symptom trying to decipher between COVID vs allergies, the common cold or the … Continued

In the News: Flu Shots Can Help Fight Covid

Getting a flu shot may come with an unexpected benefit: protection against a severe coronavirus infection. As worldwide covid-related deaths top 4 million, protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus as well as its variants will be important for years to come. Some experts believe combining flu shots and covid vaccines will help hundreds of thousands … Continued

What Can Cause a Bladder Infection?

If you’ve ever had a urinary tract infection, then you know the excruciating pain it can cause. This pain can not only affect your physical health but your mental health as well. In fact, a 2017 review of studies found that people with urinary tract conditions (like a UTI) experience higher levels of psychological stress, … Continued

What Is the Fastest Way to Heal a Second-Degree Burn?

A first-degree burn (e.g., sunburn) is considered the least serious type of burn, as it only injures the top layer of skin and typically heals within a few days. Second-degree burns are more serious because the damage extends beyond the top layer of skin. Anyone who sustains a second-degree burn will have sore, red and … Continued

Ten Ways to Return to Sports Safely After a Pandemic

Spring is finally here, and it’s bringing a brand new sports season with it. After such a lengthy pause from organized sports, regular training and physical activity, it’s important to make a safe return so you don’t get sidelined. The skilled specialists at Oxford Urgent Care want your return to sport to be enjoyable and … Continued

Summer Health Risks for Chronic Conditions

Heat and sun exposure can aggravate symptoms of certain chronic conditions. One reason may be that your body isn’t able to cool itself efficiently, even when you’re being careful. Normal, everyday activities like going to the market can aggravate chronic symptoms when it’s hot outside. This can happen for many reasons. Perhaps your body can’t … Continued