5 Urgent Care Services in Mississippi You Need To Know About

Portrait Of Nurse Working In Emergency Room

If you’re injured or sick and in need of medical attention, you don’t have to wait for hours in the ER. There are other options for urgent care services in Mississippi.

Not all urgent healthcare needs require a trip to the emergency room. The emergency room should be reserved for life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

If your healthcare need is something your regular physician can handle but you want it taken care of ASAP, then you can opt for an urgent care center (UCC) to get immediate attention.

If you’re still unsure whether to go to a UCC or the ER, here’s a list of symptoms to help. And here are the services we provide at our centers.

Here are five urgent care services that will help you get the care you need as quickly as possible.

Physical Exams

While not necessarily an urgent care need, our facilities provide physical exams for school or pre-employment screenings.

Our staff will check everything necessary for a comprehensive physical exam, including urinalysis, vision test, and blood pressure. As our facilities have on-site labs, we can get all of your test results at one location.

X-Rays and Lab on Site

If you’ve been injured but not seriously enough to need a trip to the ER, a UCC can take a digital x-ray and diagnose the injury. A certified radiology technician can identify certain lung conditions like pneumonia or even abdominal conditions.

In some cases, you may not know whether you’ve broken a bone or just have a serious sprain. We can help you figure out if you’ve got a sprained ankle. This can also be useful for sports or work-related injuries.

Some patients may require an immediate blood or urine test, which a UCC can also provide. We also have lab capabilities to check for strep and flu.

Cold and Flu Treatment

There’s no need to visit an ER for a cold or flu, but our UCCs are equipped to handle patients in need of medical care for such illnesses.

With our on-site labs, we can help identify whether a patient has the flu or just a bad cold. Our staff will assist in prescribing medications that usually include over-the-counter drugs.

Walk-in Care When Away from Home

If you’re away from home, our UCCs can serve you without an appointment. It’s convenient for anyone traveling to Mississippi or even just within the state.

For anyone who’s been injured and may need stitches, our UCCs can seal that wound at a fraction of the cost of an ER visit. In some cases, however, such injuries will require an emergency room trip. To see whether your wound needs a UCC or an ER, check out our information.

We Provide Mississippi with the Best Urgent Care Services

Urgent Care Mississippi has four locations in the state to serve citizens in need of medical assistance that’s less expensive than a visit to the emergency room, and we accept most major insurance plans.

Before visiting any UCC, patients should be aware of their health conditions and whether they require emergency room care.

If you have any questions about the care we provide at our locations, please contact us.

Are you injured or sick, but dread waiting for hours in an ER? Here are 5 services urgent care services offer so you can get in and out quickly.