Top 5 Most Common Sports Injuries and What to Do About Them

man holding knee in pain

Playing sports is a favorite form of exercise for many people. There’s nothing more invigorating than joining a team and working toward a common goal while having fun and losing weight at the same time.

But what happens when you have an injury? Can you leave it alone and hope for the best, or are you doing yourself more harm than good?

Discover more about the top five most common sports injuries. Learn what kind of problems they can lead to and how to take care of them before they impact your ability to play for good.

1. Spraining Your Ankles Is One of the Most Common Sports Injuries

Ankle sprains happen in all types of settings: soccer, dance and even running. Getting one is painful and cuts back on your ability to play a sport or work out.

If you don’t carefully evaluate your injury, you could end up in urgent care and get forced to stay off longer than expected. You can test how bad your sprain is by following these steps.

Stop what you’re doing and rest. Ice for up to half an hour and elevate the leg. If you’re still having issues and cannot bear weight properly, seek medical assistance before it develops into a bigger problem.

2. Knee Injuries Can Hurt for a Long Time, Including Dislocation and Tears

Knees get prone to injuries during sports and other types of workouts. ACL tears are the most common, although many people experience problems with dislocation, too.

If you experience either, don’t try to correct the problem on your own with a brace or rest. Seek assistance from a doctor right away.

Knee injuries can continue to worsen if not treated. Stay off your feet and get medical advice from a doctor knowledgeable in sports injuries.

3. Hamstring Sprains Require Careful Monitoring

Hamstring sprains get acquired easily, since they happen with kicking, running or even falling forward. Hamstring injuries can take up to a year to fully heal, with the earliest being six months.

Stay off your feet and have a doctor check you out. Many people have a hard time telling if they have a sprain or a fracture, so getting medical assistance as soon as possible is important.

4. Watch Out for Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow gets its name from the consistent strain to the elbow. Many people think of tennis players getting this problem, but it can happen to anyone.

Exercise the same caution with tennis elbow and treat it as a sprain. Go easy on yourself and seek help from a doctor if you don’t feel better after six weeks.

5. Hip Injuries Can Happen More Than People Realize

Hip injuries happen often during sports. Known as hip flexor strains, these can heal from anywhere within one week to eight.

Stay off your hips as much as possible and use crutches if needed. If you notice persistent pain that doesn’t go away, talk to a doctor to see if the problem is worse than you think.

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Some of the most common sports injuries can leave you with long-term problems if not treated right away. This can impede your ability to recover properly.

If you’re in need of medical attention, contact us. We can work with you to manage your pain, help you get treatment, and get you back on the road to recovery.