A Comprehensive Guide to Ear Infection Treatments

ear infection treatments

The ear infection treatment market’s hit a growth spurt as it’s value raises $2.79 billion these next few years. While market growth’s usually positive, a rise in ear infection treatments means more people have ear infections.

Ear infections aren’t limited to kids, but 5 out of 6 will get one by age 3. Before knowing how to proceed with treatment, there’s a lot to consider.

Whether you’re aiming to help yourself or your kid, learning about ear infections can lead you back to health.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on all things ear infections.

Ear Infection Symptoms

There are different types of ear infections since the ear has an inner, outer, and middle parts. Ear infection treatments depend on the reason for your ear infection and its location. It’s difficult to identify yourself, especially while in pain.

If you or your kid has the following symptoms, it’s likely an ear infection.

  • Fever
  • Thick, yellow, or bloody ear fluid
  • Fussiness and crying
  • Pulling on the ears
  • Sleep disturbance

Fluid build-up’s uncomfortable for anyone and poses long-term risks if not tended to right away. Once you have signs of ear infections, it’s possible to develop a propensity for them in the future.

Acute infections can turn chronic without the right ear infection medicine. If the fluid doesn’t drain completely, speech, hearing, and balance issues can develop along the way. 

Ear Infection Treatments

Ear infections are scary because they impact your inner world. Fluid discharge is disorienting when it exits an ear.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to help your child. Ear infections are tricky responses to myriad factors. Some reasons for ear infections include:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Viruses
  • Ear injuries
  • Cigarette smoke exposure
  • Weak immune system
  • Swimming 
  • Aggressive ear cleaning

Since communicating with infants is limited, it’s hard to know the next steps. Urgent care’s a smart option to get expert and immediate help.

Treatment Options

Sometimes antibiotics for ear infections are appropriate, but not for middle ear infections. Locating the root issue’s crucial to know the right remedies. For some, that can mean drainage procedures or tubes.

If you’re advised away from antibiotics or steroids, you can use natural pain-relief methods, including:

  1. Natural ear drops made with apple cider vinegar, warm water and rubbing alcohol
  2. Warm compresses
  3. Over the counter anti-inflammatories and decongestants
  4. Preventative measures like keeping ears dry and sinus rinsing

Natural remedies should complement a doctor’s visit and not used instead of one. Ears are complex and treating your own ear infection can prolong recovery. You deserve help.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It’s one thing to stump yourself with symptoms, but having a sick infant’s no time for the guessing game. You don’t have to shoot in the dark with local urgent care services. Knowing’sbetter than not knowing and we’re here to give you answers and pain relief.

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